Best Electric Knife – Why It So Good And How To Buy It

Best Electric Knife – Why It So Good And How To Buy It post thumbnail image

Slicing, carving and chopping meat can be funny, but they require a lot of effort and time. In case of cutting a turkey or a touch portion of beef, manual work might not bring into play, especially for those who are not good at cooking.

A traditional knife is not easy to use effortlessly, but an electric one is an entirely different story. More than just a cutter, the best electric knife works like a charm. You simply press a button, slice it like normal and let its blade does all the rest.

An electric knife can handle well many tasks. It prevails over the old-fashioned knife using the manual cutting method in many aspects. The following is some major benefits of using an electric knife:

Cordless Or Cord – Which One Is Better?

Considering a cordless and cord device is the same as comparing the portability and power – which one is more important.

While cordless choices offer the maximal convenience because you can bring them to anywhere without worrying about the outlet position, their major problems include running out of battery, running low on battery, and less power. If you spend plenty of time each day to cut food, going with a cordless knife is not a wise decision.

On the other hand, cord electric knives are much more powerful and used day after day without worrying about the battery issues. However, you need to connect it to a power source. In some cases, the cord might cause hassles while using, such as being tangled or not long enough.

Some models offer the ability to switch between cordless and cord mode so that you can get the best of both worlds. Our list of best electric knife only focuses on cord models.

How To Buy The Best Electric Knife


Since you’ll be using a cutter, it’s crucial to make sure your device is held firmly and comfortably in your hand. Otherwise, the discomfort of pressing buttons or the risk of cutting one of your fingers is possible. The handle needs to be ergonomic in both shape and size. It also needs to fit perfectly in your palm to resist the continuous vibrations caused by the knife’s motor.


Talking about the blades of an electric knife means taking these three factors – type, material, and length – into account. In general, best electric knife comes with best blades which are serrated ergonomically to cut plenty of food, from meat to bread. In terms of material, stainless steel is, of course, a must. It’s not only rust-resistant but also very durable.

​Quite differently, the blade’s length mostly depends on your references. In many cases, the longest one is not the best. It would be superfluous in case of using a 10-inch blade to cut a small portion of beef. But it’s very useful to use this length to cut a turkey. In general, the standard length of an electric knife’s blade is about 7.5 inches, which is enough in most situations.


Safety is another crucial factor when buying the best electric knife. Whether you pick up a device featuring a locking trigger/button or a double locking mechanism, you always have a peace of mind that no accidental turning up can injury you and your family.


The power reflects the performance of your knife. If you want to cut your meat quickly and easily, you’ll need to invest in a motor with at least 100W of power. Some models feature a heavy duty motor which offers stronger and faster cutting and carving, from toughest beef to hardest bread, and even frozen fishes and bones.

5.Multiple Speed Settings

Too much power might not useful in case you only cut soft food. Therefore, make sure you buy a knife which can be switched between different speed settings. When you deal with hard-to-cut items, speed up the blade. Otherwise, speed it down to get the desired cutting power as well as save the electricity.


Useful accessories included as purchasing or sold separately, such as a wood storage tray, a plastic storage case, an extra handle or a couple of extra blades, can affect your buying decision. A carving fork is another handy item. Although the knife itself cut and carve meats easily, using a carving fork helps your work more effective as slicing through tough pieces of meat.

7.Removable Blades

The best electric knife provides a quick release blade button to help you remove and insert different blades in a matter of seconds. However, some models don’t allow users to remove blades. So, make sure you avoid them.

8.Dishwasher Safety

When it comes to dishwasher safety, it’s not only about the blades which are mostly able to be clean in a dishwashing machine. You might not know that the handle can be dishwasher safe as well. Just a few models offer this ability, and of course, they come with a very high price.

How To Maintain An Electric Knife Properly

There are several tips you need to follow strictly to guarantee that your knife works well and its blades keep the sharpness for a long time.

  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly before starting using it. This step is never useless, especially in case of using an electrical device.
  • Wash the blades and clean the handle right after using them. Water or oil from food might penetrate into the device and damage its electrical components. Besides, leftovers and stains sticking in the blades might become difficult to clean if they stay for several hours.
  • Never clean the handle with water if it’s unable to do that. Just wipe it down.
  • Make sure you remove the blades before washing them.
    Keep your knife and its blades neatly in a storage tray or case after cleaning.
    If you recognize any change in the serration strips, sharpen your blade as soon as possible.

For how to sharpen electric knife’s blades, watch this video:

Our Reviews Of Top 5 Best Electric Knifes

1.Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

At first glance, the knife impressed me by two durable stainless steel blades (one for carving, and the other for cutting bread). Also, a nice wood storage tray is included, which offers you a brilliant way to display your knife neatly. This tray has a block pattern so that you can lock your knife for safe keeping.

The handle is compact and fits comfortably in my hand even though I’m a left-hander. Looking at this handle, you will see a one-touch ON/OFF trigger. It helps to turn on and off the operation in a super simple and convenient way.

Another great feature that I appreciate this knife is the safety button. When you’ve done your meal, simply press the button to active the safety lock to prevent the knife from turning on. It absolutely adds extra protection and security to the knife. And on top of that, you’ll never worry about injuries while using it.

Regarding performance, it works just perfect thanks to a powerful motor. Whether you use it to slice meats or cut loaves, it’s always smooth and easy to navigate. Besides, inserting and removing the blades for cleaning or changing is simple with the blade release buttons on both sides of the handle.


  • Includes a wood storage tray and an extra stainless steel bread blade.
  • Ergonomic handle fits perfectly to both hands
  • Safety lock button for additional security
  • 4-foot power cord for maximum flexibility


  • A few customers complain that the plastic handle is quickly broken after several uses.
  • A little bit higher price compared to other best electric knives in our list

2.Black & Decker EK 700 Slice Right Electric Knife

Despite the very low price, this EK 700 from Black & Decker features many essential features of a mid-range device. On top of that is the safety lock button which keeps the knife from sudden turning on while it’s powered on. It gives you the peace of mind without a doubt!

​Besides, this knife is an excellent choice for those who want a long cutter to deal with turkeys or hams. Its stainless-steel blade is up to 9 inches, which is longer than other best electric knives on this list. Also, the handle is easy to hold, and the rubber grip keeps it firmly in your hand.

​Cutting touch bread or even craft foam smoothly can be a headache, but this knife can deal with it at a high performance. The motor is very powerful, while the blades are serrated ergonomically. Also, thanks to the smart non-slip tab at the base of the blade, you can remove or insert the blades with one press.

​In overall, if you’re looking for a prominent tool to carve the meat perfectly every time, this EK 700 need to be taken into account. 


  • Comes with a serving fork as a bonus.
  • Long blade
  • Low price
  • Efficient safety lock button
  • Dishwasher-safe blade for easy cleanup


  • It doesn’t include a wood storage tray

3.Hamilton Beach 74250 Carve'n Set Electric Knife

Coming from Hamilton – one of the most famous brands in high-quality kitchen appliances, this 74250 Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife promises to change the way you cut meats and bread forever. For many years, it’s has been received thousands of positive feedbacks from customers all over the world.

74250 comes with a storage case which is compact and offers you a great saving-space solution. When you finish your meal, disassemble the knife and keep all parts together for a maximal protection and accessibility.

Another great feature of this knife is its power. From carving to slicing, beef to bread, it can deal with easily and accurately. Besides, the oscillating blade with the length of 7.5’’ is enough to tear a turkey or a ham apart.

Especially, this blade is a double one which means that you have two blades work simultaneously back and forth and stays tight together for smooth cutting rather than just shredding the meat.

Moreover, a non-slip trigger prevents you from finger slip offs. Personally, I assess this trigger is far better than button styles that I’ve used before.


  • Comes with a stainless-steel serving fork as a bonus.
  • Very useful compact storage case
  • Non-slip trigger for additional security
  • Very affordable price


  • The thick shape of the handle is not ergonomic for small hands or those who use it for a long time.
  • The knife radiates heat after just 5 minutes of operation.

4.Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

This knife focuses on the power. Its heavy duty motor simply cuts everything, from toughest meat to hardest bread, and even frozen fishes and bones. On top of that, it offers you the ability to double its speed, so you can move 3x faster than as using a standard electric knife.

The innovative air flow design is another great advantage of Rapala Fillet Knife. Basically, this technology helps to diminish the building up of heat, and thus, makes the knife cool during operation. For the long term, it prevents the plastic handle from melting. Very useful!

Like many best electric knives, this one has an ergonomic handle that fit comfortably in your hand. No matter what you’re cutting, it always offers you the easy control and precise balance.

The blade is, of course, stainless steel, but what makes it different is the dishwasher safe property. Simply place it on the top shelf and let it been cleaned.

In overall, if you’re looking for a robust cutter to fasten both your cooking and cleaning process and keep your hand cool and comfortable while handling, Rapala Fillet Knife is a prominent choice.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Extremely powerful and high speed
  • Dishwasher safe blade
  • Advanced air flow design for minimal heating


  • Doesn’t come with extra blades, but you can buy a 9-inche blade separately.
  • Lacks a safety trigger or lock button

5.Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

At first glance, this knife makes me remember by its colorful handle which is the combination of green and yellow. Also, this handle is very compact and has a smart design. It fits perfectly in my hand even though my hands are small.

Power is another outstanding feature. It simply files off everything, salmon, perch, tuna, turkey, meat, bread, and even foam. The blade is sharp with a standard length of about 7 inches but can be accommodated up to 8 or 9 inches.

​An expandable cord is what other best electric knives miss, but this one is an exception. By default, the cord is short, but when been extended, it can reach to about 4 feet in length. The advantage here also comes from the flexibility in adjusting the length.


  • Ergonomic handle fits perfectly to small hands
  • Safety lock button for additional security
  • Expendable cord for maximum flexibility
  • Very sharp blade


  • Doesn’t come with a storage case or tray.
  • The expandable cord is flexible, but not convenient since it can pull the knife toward the outlet if you don’t hold it.


In general, electric knives are affordable, and their price range is quite narrow. The choice is totally up to you whether you need the one with essential features or with advanced technologies.

If you’re tired of dull chicken knives, an electric one is the best alternative. Power, speed, safety, accuracy, and replacement – it has all. Hope you enjoy my list of best electric knife! Have a good day and bye!

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