Can You Freeze Deli Meat: Discover The Scandalous Truth

Can You Freeze Deli Meat: Discover The Scandalous Truth post thumbnail image

Deli meats consist of different types. They include luncheon meats such as bologna and dry cured meats such as prosciutto. The major question many deli meats enthusiast ask is, can you freeze deli meat? Yes, you can. It’s very much possible to freeze deli meat.

Actually, by freezing, you’ll be able to extend the life of these meats by approximately 4 – 6 months. All you need to do is indicate the date that you stored the meat inside the freezer. Use a permanent marker to write the date. By indicating the date, you’ll be able know the precise duration it has been stored.

What is for sure is the fact that deli meats are not only versatile foods, they’re also sumptuous. You can find them in almost all households in different forms. Some people add them as the main star in a sandwich.

Others dice the meats and add them to their favorite salads. Another group serves them in thin slices together with cheese. Unquestionably, deli meats elevate all dishes. That explains why they’re highly popular in grocery stores.

Why Freeze Deli Meat?

Deli meats are a darling for many people. To ensure you do not waste these special treats, freezing is an excellent idea. By being just a little bit smart regarding your freezing process, you can be able to store your meat for such a long time and then enjoy anytime you feel like.

Their versatility and amazing taste coupled with the fact that they’re affordable tempts you to make buy and fill your lunch meat stock. However, where will you store them? The truth is that even the prepackaged lunch meat has a very short life inside a refrigerator.

Consequently, the million dollar question that then begs is, is it possible to freeze lunch meat? And if it’s a yes, for how long can you do it?

The Advantages Of Freezing Deli Meats

Here are some of the advantages of freezing deli meats:

  • Freezing extends the life of your deli meats. It all depends on how brilliantly you store the meat.
  • Freezing has an amazing effect on cured and dried meats. To enjoy better results, it’s prudent to keep your slices separately by utilizing a paper towel and then put them inside a ziplog bag. Doing that gives them more moisture-free space.
  • If you thaw meat, it can be handy as topping pizza. Alternatively, you can include it in your omelet.

How To Freeze Deli Meats

Freezing deli meats involves different processes. Let us look at them:

Packaging Your Deli Meats For Storage

Same as when freezing lunch meat, the most important thing you must do when packaging your deli meats for freezing is to ensure you wrap them well. There’s no harm in leaving some little meat exposed to the air.

Exposure to air in a low moisture environment inside a freezer might lead to a desiccated and parched meat. You need to wrap your deli meat slices in different layers of plastic wrap.

Alternatively, you can store them inside sealed freezer bags. Vacuum sealing is perfect because it removes air from the package. Deli meats, which are vacuum sealed already, do not need re-packaging before freezing

How Long Should You Store Your Deli Meats (Storage Times)

You can store big chunks of deli meat and small slices of deli meat in your freezer for 1 -2 months if you package them properly.

After two months, your meat’s quality starts to deteriorate thereby affecting flavor and texture. Are your cured meats dry? If yes, then it means you can freeze them longer, (close to 3 months) since they don’t contain moisture.

Top Tips On Thawing

Thawing is another important step towards freezing deli meats. You should slowly defrost deli meats inside the refrigerator. By doing that, there’s less chance of your meat turning out to become a breeding space for harmful bacteria.

Because defrosting inside your refrigerators can take ages, you need an alternative. Tow effective alternatives exist. The first one, you can defrost inside a microwave. The other alternative is to do so by submerging them inside cold water.

If you opt for these two alternative methods, you must use them immediately you defrost them. The deli meats which have been defrosted inside a fridge can last for roughly 3 – 5 days unless you’ve vacuum sealed them. In such a case, they can last for up to three weeks. Cured, dry meats can last up to 2 – 3 weeks inside your fridge.

Fully processed meat is scraped, grounded, emulsified, and fermented with sugar and preservatives. Finally, it’s placed in a mold. Afterwards, the meat is preserved for a long time by moving it into a dripping room. Alternatively, it can be fully smoked or cooked and then packaged.

The final kind of deli meats passes through different motions of cooking and processing before it’s packaged. Ultimately, it’s ready for consumption. In fact, you can consume these meats right from the box. However, heating might be required with some varieties before you consume.


Are you into purchasing meat in bulk? Can you freeze deli meat? Of course, you can freeze deli meats. It’s very much possible. After answering that, the other million dollar question that follows is how do you freeze this kind of meat? All these questions have been answered in the above primer.

If you make lunch daily for your kids, it’s prudent and cost effective to purchase deli meats in huge packages and freeze them. That way, you’ll be able to save money substantially compared to purchasing them in small packages every day.

Is it possible to freeze lunch meat? Of course, yes, you can! You can preserve your meat for future use (not more than two months) inside the freezer. The secret is to store it in airtight containers such as plastic wrap, vacuum sealed bag, and freezer bags.

When it comes to the process of thawing, all you need to do is place the frozen deli meats inside the refrigerator for the whole night or heat in your microwave and you’ll be good to go.

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