Easy And Quick Substitutes For Eggs In Meatballs

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Let’s say you’re in dire need to bind meatballs, but you lack eggs. The first inclination for many people is to panic. The second one is to rush to the store and purchase some eggs. Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of these two things. Plenty of substitutes for eggs in meatballs exist.

The good thing is that your meatballs will still taste as good. The best part is that you’ll not have to halt your cooking in order to head to the store. The substitutes are also ideal for anyone that doesn’t eat eggs.

Whether you forgot to include eggs to your shopping list, or you are trying to avoid eggs, you should try the following substitutes to help you bind your meatballs. You’ll be pleasantly amazed by how effective they’re equally. Actually, you might find yourself forgoing them in the future.

Here are some of the easy and quick substitutes for eggs in meatballs:

#1. Fatty Meat

Fatty meat is one of the most popular egg substitutes when it comes to making meatballs. All you need to do is to avoid draining meat after cooking it. Just form the meatballs without having to cook the meat.

Once the formation of meatballs has taken place, cook them. Afterwards, the fat causes the meat to perfectly bind together. They’ll do so just like burger. Avoid draining them so that fat will continue to thicken as the cool.

Feel free to play around with various meat cuts in order to obtain the consistency that you desire. The fattier the better, since it’ll be easier for the meatballs to retain their shape.

If you settle for something that’s just 20% fat, it’ll definitely do better. The rule of thumb is to pick out the fattiest portion of meat that you can buy at the store. If necessary, add some extra vegetable oil only for purposes of getting some additional fat in the meat.

#2. Salt

Is it surprising to know that salt can be an amazing substitute for eggs? Salt is highly effective at tenderizing beef. Consequently, it effortlessly molds together meaning you’ll not have any trouble joining it together to form meatballs.

Nonetheless, it’s not all about salting and then molding your meatball together. You must follow a certain procedure. Primarily, you should salt it, refrigerate it for some hours, remove it, and then form your meatballs. By this time, the meat will not only be nice but also tender. That simply means that forming the meatballs will be a walk in the park.

It’s possible to shape them as small or as big as you desire without encountering any problems. For this method to work, you’ll have to cover your meat completely with salt. If a portion or some portions of the meat end up not being salted, they’ll not be tender enough to fold compactly. If you salt every portion of the meat, you’re sure that it’ll come out perfectly.

#3. Liver

Are you a liver enthusiast? If yes, then know that it’s an effective egg substitute for meatballs. It creates a binding paste that’ll make the meatballs stick together thus making them extremely easy to cook.

So how should you go about it? Just put three ounces of liver via a food processor until the paste forms. After that, mix it with one pound of ground meat for meatballs, once it’s mixed up, it’s time to ball up the meatballs. At this stage, they ought to ball up pretty much nicely. Fortunately, you should not have any form of trouble when it comes to keeping them together since the liver is highly sticky to hold them.

Together with its stickiness, you stand to benefit from different forms of nutrients. For instance, liver is an incredible source of vitamins C, B-6, B and A. Liver also contains plenty of proteins, it’ll therefore offer you strength and energy. Do you want your little ones to eat liver but they detest it?

If yes, then just stick some of the liver in their meatballs and then put it right at the top of their pasta. By doing that, they’ll think they’re getting such a delicious treat when in the real sense they’re taking liver. That will be your little secret.

#4. Butter

Many people love butter because of the way it tastes. Butter doesn’t just improve the taste of foods; it also makes the meatballs stick together. All you need to do is add some few tablespoons of melted butter to the meatballs. After that, mix them up and then stick all items inside the fridge for roughly 20 minutes. By doing that, you’ll give your butter ample time to thicken.

Next, take it out and then ball up all of the meatballs. The thickened butter makes the meat to remain together. The stickiness also tastes great. It can act as your new recipe secret.All your friends and family members will rave about the great taste of your meatballs. They’ll not have any idea that you were down on eggs and had to use the butter you had in the fridge. They’ll assume that it’s an old family recipe.

#5. Potato Starch

Ever wondered what makes Spam to be so gel-like? The reason for that is potato starch. The same starch can work wonders on meatballs. If you are a vegan or don’t have eggs, you should throw in some potato starch which will hold them together perfectly.

Of course, you don’t want them to be gel-like as spam. Consequently, just put it a quarter cup depending how the amount of meat you’re using. After that, mix it and then roll your meatballs real time.


Whether sensitivity or an allergy demands that you substitute eggs, or you’re the one that made the choice to overlook them since you’re a vegan or you just ran out of them, plenty of suitable egg substitutes exist. The most important consideration you need to make is, how are you using the egg in the recipe?

For instance, you can use eggs to make your recipe rise, bind it together or to provide moisture. Sometimes, you might only need the yolk while in other instances, you only require the white.

Regardless of their use in a recipe, eggs play such a huge role in ensuring the meatballs taste yummy. Just like eggs, the above substitutes can equally play a good role in making sure the meatballs are sumptuous.

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