How To Cook Salmon Patties Without Eggs – Quick & Simple Way

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Have you ever wanted to make some salmon patties but then find out there’re no eggs left in your kitchen or you’re allergic to eggs? Don’t give up as ‘hope springs eternal’. There are other ways you can do to prepare salmon patties without eggs for your dear family.

For that reason, I have done lots of research on several alternative ingredients that can stand well in eggs’ place to be a good binder.

Continue reading, what’s written below will satisfy your curiosity.

1. Spatula

When you fry, it’s a big mistake if you miss a spatula. A spatula helps make flipping the patties much easier. 

Moreover, it helps the patties to retain their shape very well. Here, I suggest you use a silicone spatula since it is ideally flexible and will not scratch the frying pan.

2. Cast Iron Skillet

To fry your salmon patties to the degree of perfect brown color and golden crust, you can’t ignore a skillet made of cast iron. A pan of stainless steel can help you make salmon patties, however, it won’t sear the patties as gorgeously as a cast iron pan does. One more plus point of cast iron frying pan is it’s ideal to fry foods in very high temperature.

3. Can Opener

A can opener is necessary for you to open the salmon can. Here, you can choose any can opener provided that its blade is sharp enough for you to open the can with ease. If there’s no can opener available, a knife can also do the job.

4. Bowl

​You should have a bowl to put all the needed ingredients for your salmon patties inside. Remember to choose the bowl that is large enough to contain the whole ingredients. You can choose either a plastic, ceramic or glass bowl.

4. Fork

You may need a fork to nicely flake the salmon. Since the salmon texture is very fragile, flaking it with your hands can destroy that texture. The fork can also help you remove the bones off the fish and mix together the ingredients.

I suggest you use a fork made of metal since it is durable to withstand your pressure; whereas a plastic fork will break at once when you put a little force.

Main Ingredients

Other Ingredients You Can Have For More Flavors

1/3 Cup Of Finely Chopped Parsley

2 tbsp. Yogurt (Used In Making Sauce)

You can add low-fat yogurt in order to trim the calories down. Yogurt is among the rich sources of calcium, vitamins A and riboflavin, says Dairy Council of California. Hence, including yogurt in your sauce can do your health wonders.

Cayenne Pepper

In case there’s no paprika available or just because you aren’t fond of the way paprika tastes, cayenne pepper is a good alternative. I personally would love to have cayenne pepper in every dish of mine because I’m into spicy foods.

However, if spicy foods are not your favorite, you can say no to this ingredient and instead choose paprika.

Substitute Binding Ingredients To Replace Eggs


Because eggs are an important ingredient of mayonnaise, you can add some mayonnaise into the mixture to hold the ingredients together well. One tablespoon of mayonnaise is appropriate to replace eggs in your salmon patties.

White Sauce

​Thick sauce is made when you mix together butter, milk, and flour. Stir them finely till it boils. Wait for it to cool down then add to your patty mixture. You can watch this video to understand the process of making a white sauce.

A Mixture Of Oatmeal And Flour

​This mixture is created when you add flour into some liquid ingredients in your recipe. Mix together oatmeal, dry ingredients along with flour mixture.

Saltine Cracker

Soda cracker of this type has a thin-square shape. It has a crispy and dry texture which is an ideal binder for patty recipes.

I love to have a mixture of saltine cracker and mayonnaise as the best binder to hold together all the ingredients of my patty recipe. While mayonnaise helps bind the ingredients due to its egg content, the saltine crackers, with their dry texture, make patties desirably more crispy.

And, you can prepare saltine crackers and mayonnaise with the same ease as you do when making white sauce or flour and oatmeal mixture.

Pro Tips

If you are budget-constraint, instead of using fresh and wild salmon, you can use a less costly ingredient – canned salmon. My favorite is pink salmon having mild flavor rather than the boneless one for the sake of calcium nutrient. Before mixing the salmon with other ingredients, you can have all the bones removed.

If you’d prefer moist salmon patties, then add mayonnaise with a sufficient amount.

A sauce made from mustard and dill can be a great flavor of tangy taste to add to your salmon. Before you cook the patties on the skillet, you should chill them in the refrigerator for half an hour. By doing this, you can have the patties bonded well together.

6 Steps To Cook Salmon Patties Without Eggs

After preparing all the needed ingredients and equipment, let’s begin cooking. In the recipe below, I’ll use mayonnaise and saltine crackers to replace the binding power of eggs.

Step 1:

Use a large-size mixing bowl and add saltine crackers (another binding mixture you like is OK), one tablespoon of mayonnaise, lemon juice, paprika, and onion. You can add pepper and salt for more flavors. If you love the taste of cayenne pepper and parsley, add them too to round off the mixture. Then set it aside.

Step 2:

Place the wild fresh salmon in a mid-size bowl. Use a fork to take bones out of the fish then gently flake the salmons. You’d better leave a few chunks to create a fine texture of your salmon patties.

Step 3:

After finishing flaking the salmon, use the large-size mixing bowl to contain it. Use your hands to thoroughly mix all the ingredients together. Don’t forget to have your hands cleaned before mixing to avoid contaminating your dish with bacteria. If you’d like to mix the ingredients as thoroughly as possible, doing it with your bare hands is OK too.

Yet, I advise you to wear plastic gloves instead unless you want to get things messy. One thing to note: be careful not to overdo your mixing, since that can make the mixture less compact and dense. Here, it’s best to do for 1 minute only to have the ingredients perfectly mixed together.

Step 4:

Get a sufficient amount of the patty mixture then squeeze into balls. It’s up to you to choose the size you want. Press those balls flatly to make patties. Make sure to press them firmly so that the ingredients are well bound with each other.

Indeed, you can create 4 patties from this mixture. Set them aside. You can either fry them in the pan right away or put them in a fridge to chill for some time.

Step 5:

It’s high time you fried them in a cast-iron skillet. First, add some olive oil then heat the skillet over medium temperature. Cook the patties in the skillet for 5 minutes or so. When the bottom surface turns brown, flip it and cook on. When they’re all done, take the patties out of the skillet.

Step 6:

To add some wonderful taste to your salmon patties, let’s make an extra sauce. Put 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, dill, and mustard into a small bowl and mix them together. Add some yogurt as well if you like. Pepper and salt can add extra flavor too.

Extra Expert Tips

Avoid Overcooking The Salmon

As suggested by Cooking NYTimes, to make delicious salmon patties, the trick is never overcook them. Fry in turns each side of the patty for about 2 to 3 minutes. By this way, you can have the center look much like the salmon color.

Need Extra Fat

When cooking this patty recipe, there’s one thing you should bear in mind: add more fat to maintain the fish’s texture and moisture. If you think your mixture quite dry, use a little bit more yogurt or mayonnaise. Your patty will stay intact if provided enough moisture.

Chill The Patties Before Frying

According to Kraft Recipes, you should chill your patties in the fridge for 10 minutes or so. Chilling helps bind the ingredients well together, even when you use no eggs. During your cooking, it’s easy to see these ingredients bond together very well rather than crumble

Final thoughts

If these salmon patties are served hot with a mustard sauce, they’ll give you the most delicious taste. I’m sure you will love this recipe when cooking it at home. As for me, preparing this salmon patties without eggs recipe is very easy since all you do are just mix, cook then serve.

You should keep this straightforward recipe in mind since it will come in handy next time when there are no eggs left in the kitchen. This is also useful if you’d prefer to cook salmon patties to serve those suffering from an egg allergy.

Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below. Feel free to spread this article it if you find it useful!

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